Meal Subscription Service

Want your lunch and dinner to look like this?
Sign up for our meal delivery service today and thank us later.

Our Current Plan:
from 3rd July till 29th July

How It Works

Payment Plans

Weekly payment plan gets you daily meals for: five days in Rs.1,850 from Monday-Friday
six days in Rs2,250/- from Monday-Saturday

Monthly payment plan gets you daily meals for:
four weeks in Rs.7,300 from Monday-Friday four weeks in Rs.8,900 from Monday-Saturday

*all inclusive of delivery charges*

Further Info

The payment is to be made in advance through an online banking app before the first meal delivery is made.

Delivery to a different location than the one provided originally will result in Rs100/- additional delivery fee.

Failure to renew will result in subscription cancellation following the expiration date. This service can be availed for either dinner or lunch, or both


What sets us apart:

Skilled Chefs Who Master the Art of Flavour

Food That Fuels You And Nourishes Your Body

Unwavering Commitment To Your Health and Happiness

Exceptional Customer Service That Prioritises Your Satisfaction